Tailor Made Shows

Our tailor made stage shows are created bespoke for our clients, their guests and the venue. The audience will be wowed, surprised and excited at every aspect of the entertainment. This is how we do it.


Music enhances feelings, memories and experiences. Music can convey emotions like happiness, love, sorrow and sadness without becoming pompous or pathetic. We believe it is crucial to target the music to the core audiences. Everyone should recognize the music and have personal experiences and memories connected to them.


Our entertainment is  full of surprises,  unexpected happenings and contrasts.  It can be anything from entertainment appearing in a place you didn’t expect it to, a song used and presented  in a new way, a visual surprise where something changes or looks different than first expected or something that first appears as serious turning into something that makes you laugh.


A sure thing in creating goose bumps is grand visual effects. We believe that the combination of large scale LED graphics, spectacular and complex lighting, Las Vegas style costumes and magical projection, creates wow factors over and over again. We want the audience to see images they have never seen before on a stage and experience visual impressions that blow them away.


There is nothing more attractive than watching particularly talented performers do what they do best. It can be a fantastic singer performing a song, it can be a dance routine that is amazing or a specialty act doing something that “normal” people can only dream of. True talent is a wow factor in itself.

The Fairy Dust

The “fairy dust” is what we call the last effects we add to the show. Examples are gloves with lasers, rear/front projection, projection mapping, Fencing, large fabrics with projection, costumes that are objects such as animals or plants, costumes that turn into something else, props that hide costumes or can change, oversized costumes, kabuki drop, flying etc.