How do we do it?

Our on land office is open 24 hours a day / 365 Days a year, available for all matters day and night both for our client and for the casts and crews that work for us.

Duty of Care

In order to get the best talent available we adhere to a strict policy when it comes to duty of care. We are aware that in the entertainment industry there are many options for great talents, and know that artist are more likely to choose us if we provide excellent duty of care. Our performers work extremely hard, but we work hard for them. It’s a give and take that is appreciated by both sides.

Auditions and recruitment

We currently audition in several venues across Europe, examples being London, Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Oslo. We only invite experienced and well qualified candidates. Performers are tested both on their artistic qualities as well as their suitability for life on the ship/venue. We also spend extensive time checking references. We give the Managers thorough training in the specifics of our company and the services we are providing for our client. In addition to this we provide training depending on what we feel is needed for that particular member of staff.

Health and Safety

We rehearse over a 6-8 week period. All cast are continually evaluated with regards to quality of performance and social interactions. We start early creating awareness towards the issues of safety and work environment. We ensure all our staff get the appropriate training in the shared responsibility of health and safety, social behaviour, including problem solving and conflict management. We make them aware of cultural differences and work intensely on Team identity, teambuilding and conflict solving.

Back-up Plans

All entertainment has a cover system so that the entertainment can continue even when people are sick. We have a very good track record with our current clients. We have in 15 years never cancelled a show, as there are so many procedures in place.